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Bringing weight loss, health and lifestyle to Belfast Northern Ireland

Sue S.100 Pounds LostFrustrated by yo-yo dieting Sue’s weight problem began after having two kids and a major surgical operation in her early 20s. After that, she faced steady weight gain followed by years of “yo-yo dieting.” She hated clothes... MORE

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Herbalife Independent Distributor supplying to Belfast

HerbalBelfast.co.uk offers Herbal Life Shape works health products:

Being responsible for your health
Feeling good and alive                              Achieve weight loss with shape
Have an option to combine lifestyle with your own business
Use your skills to earn extra income - full training is available

So in Belfast you can look and feel good with a great lifestyle


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The Herbalife Opportunity is open to everybody and appeals to those who would like to change career and work part or full time in nutrition, health and fitness, see more below or click here - then call or e-mail for details

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The Herbalife Opportunity in Belfast

Health and nutrition products from Herbalife have been designed so you can lose weight and improve your health and also provide you with an opportunity to generate an income

  • Herbalife has now been a source of good nutrition for 30 years and has become the leading manufacturer of health foods of its type which can provide both weight loss and health through good nutrition. It now operates in 70 countries and has around 40 million customers worldwide..

  • The Herballife products for health and good nutrition incorporate the latest knowledge in nutritional technology and are ideal for improving health and fitness.

  • The Herbal Life health nutrition products include the well known Herbal Life Formula 1 food powder 'shake' and a range of health nutrition and other nutritional foods which combine herbs to provide optimised levels of nutrition.

  • Herbalife Formula 1 powder is normally used in conjunction with Herbalife Formula 2 (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) and Herbalife Fibre and Herb (extra herbs and fibre) to provide optimum nutrition for health and fitness and there are also Herballife health and fitness products such as Formula 3 (extra protein), Cell Activator, Thermojetics Beverage, Tang Kuei, Thermo Complete and RoseOx which provide additional nutritional benefits and are equally applicable as nutrition for health and fitness.

  • Herbalife Distributors can access one of the best training programs in the industry.

To contact me regarding Herbalife products or the Herbal Life opportunity please call 0845 6441106 and if I am not able to take the call at that time please leave a message on the answering service and I will get back to you shortly. If possible please leave a UK landline number and the best time to call. Alternatively please send an e-mail message with your enquiry and I will contact you.

Herbalife Independent Distributor


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